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This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use. She's now experimenting with different hairstyles, makeup and fashion to suit her now she's considered an adult. =DThese two are aboslutely PERFECT in Devil Beside You....waaa!!! credits: Dramawikipics: iheartupics and profile: luvstarzx U r welcome.. At 15, auditioned for a girlband to be launched by BMG called 4in Love and passed with flying colors, from then on, she was called "Rainie" along with other 3 girls. " she pinches her own cheeks "I 'm pretty annoyed by my baby fat.") Taken from Hu Ge's Kitty Pound by qing. Back to 1989 was the last drama I wanted to watch and now that I've finished it, there's a little hole in my heart and I don't care for anything that's on.Although Eddison Chen and Amanda Chou (of Bromance) are both in Love @ Seventeen, and I don't have any problems with Lego Li, I'm just not very interested in the series. I have a very strong dislike of both Yao Yao and Roy Qiu, so that definitely rules out Golden Darling. You Ni Zhen Hao (with Fanfan Fan) Pink Godfather 1. -loves literature -- a self-proclaimed bookworm -streetdances -is a born gymnast eversince she was young -obsessed with Japan, though she would be happy if she could visit Paris, New York, Milan, Bali and other Asian Countries as well. i think its cute cuz he bullies her around sometimes and pokes her mole thing on her face and theyr'e always joking around. rainie and mike kept picking on each other about their appearances and they even showed a clip of rainie from her old 4 in love days. it was hilarious too bad they're just friends...^^'' haha, yeah..the interview, mike couldn't make it so they showed rainie a recording that mike did before the show. Windie, Rainie's co-member in 4in Love makes her showbiz comeback! Zhuang Xiu Qiu Zi Cheng Lin once again works with Ken Zhu of F4 in this Mainland drama, not as a couple but as siblings! She stars with Ken Zhu, Li Bing Bing, Michelle Saram, An Hu and her loveteam partner, newcomer Zhang! *TRIVIA* -wore braces and eyeglasses back in elementary and secondary. too bad they're just friends in real life, but i still think they have a really good possitibliy! i rmr watching happy sunday or some other entertainment show, and rainie, mike, and wei lun were in it.

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She did that without recking her acting career which was she also received projects left and right. Moved to Taiwan, and pursue her acting career as she lived with her co-band members under one roof. Copy from Jungiery_Stars.-----------------------------------------She is one of my favourite actresses and singers.. The drama series I watched that features her is Devil Besides U..

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